Fleeting Glimpses

Animated, generative artwork by Kirk Clyne

October 3–28, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 5, 6–9 PM
Facebook Gallery
Likely General
389 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto
Monday–Saturday 11–7, Sunday 12–6

Artwork, CV and contact info: kirkclyne.com

Artist Statement

Fleeting Glimpses is an exploration of generative systems that deliver a continuous stream of creative expression. Visual compositions come and go, each one a product of chance that can never be experienced again.

The artwork is programmed to automatically create and manipulate cubes and lights over time in random, unpredictable ways. The artist watches the results and refines the code, again and again, adjusting the “rules” until he finds the end result to be consistently mesmerizing.

The work is developed in a process of collaboration with the computer, where unanticipated and surprising results may unveil new creative directions to explore (similar to an improvised musical duet). The artist’s influences include the “cut-up” novels of William S. Burroughs, the “exquisite corpse” game of the Surrealists, even Mad Libs—cultural artifacts produced with an element of chance.

The artwork can provoke discussions around the artist’s role as creator or curator; the expectation of permanence in visual art; or the role of the viewer as participant, raising such questions as, “When does the result of random generation become a work of art? Who decides?”

Fleeting Glimpses consists of screen-based digital works, along with limited edition prints on metal


Kirk Clyne is an emerging artist based in Toronto. This is his first public exhibition.

Fleeting Glimpses #2, 2017, Unity and C# (screenshot), dimensions variable